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  • Although these conditions are relatively common, there is currently very little contribution from specialists and experts in neuro disabilities for parents and schools. This platform aims to create a common forum where Parents, Schools and Doctors can share and receive information whilst providing treatment on an individual basis. 
  • Doctors have expressed to us that they struggle to find online resources that provide the tools they need to provide to optimal support. 
  • They all agree that a digital platform that unified and distributed information between Parents, Schools and Doctors was much needed.
  • This platform not only provides CPD approved courses for professionals and GPs but also provides entrepreneurship opportunity to open an Early intervention program locally or become a member.


“The feeling of helplessness, and the lack of support early on creates an environment that is very unhealthy for a child that is already distressed. Without the proper resources and professional guidance, it really is a one way street, heading towards a downward spiral”.

“The trauma and stress that the parents experience always gets passed onto the children, regardless of how hard they try not to let it affect them. The truth is, no parent can hold that amount of stress and trauma inside of them and not let it affect their child”.

Expert Advice

The creator of the course, Dr Rahul Bharat, is an experienced clinician working as an expert in the field of Neurodisability and Epilepsy. Every day he meets with families who are concerned about their children’s neuro developmental issues. After meeting with so many parents, it has become clear to him that there is a huge disconnect between the specialist making the diagnosis and the support system provided for the child.

Tackling Uncertainty

Some parents might reject a diagnosis, whilst others may think it is the wrong diagnosis, or that there are other undetected issues in addition to the diagnosis.  

The First Step

Establishing the right diagnosis as early as possible is crucial to providing the help and support these children need.

We designed this course to provide



Understand child's diagnosis, to better support parents. What it means for now and what to expect going forward.



The common problems, strengths and weaknesses associated with that diagnosis.


Do's and Don'ts

The essential 'do's and don’ts' based on the evidence.

The course has been certified by CPD certification service, UK. Upon successful completion of the course 10 CPD will be awarded. 

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